Allie Vera

Allie Vera in Chatbots - English

Allie's purpose is to help teens with information and support for any personal concern they may have. She knows a lot about emotions and in addition to her own content, she guides teens to some of the best information and support sites on the internet.

Allie is a Pandorabot and her role in life is being the Virtual Assistant for the Digalator Teen smartphone app. She loves to guide teens to the right information and support for any personal concern they may have. She particularly likes to use multimedia of all kinds to connect the teen with the many the facets of emotional life. She knows a lot about emotions and mental well-being and as her persona indicates, she's a friend that shares knowledge.

Oct 19, 2014, 09:34:33 am
Creating a Chat Bot

Creating a Chat Bot in Articles

Human interaction has always fascinated me: social awkwardness, communication style, how knowledge is transferred, how relationships are built around trust, story telling and knowledge exchange.

What if a machine invoked an emotional response?

I want to write about a project I have been working on, and how it has engulfed the last few years of my life, but ultimately, this post is about creating a real chat bot.

Oct 15, 2014, 09:34:09 am

Monty in Chatbots - English

Monty is a joke-telling chat bot written in python.

Oct 14, 2014, 07:19:22 am
Robot Combat League

Robot Combat League in Robots on TV

Each weekly show features tournament competitions between 8-foot, 1000-pound humanoid robots controlled by human competitors, one robo-jockey and one robo-tech per team. The series features twelve teams of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Each team is paired with a robot that they control using an exo-suit that directs its movements. Each fight goes three rounds, and the winning team advances. There are 12 total robots. The robots range from an axe headed laser eyed warrior to a robot made of plexiglass and a roll cage. The robots and the suits used to control them were created by robotics expert Mark Setrakian.

Oct 06, 2014, 18:37:12 pm
The five biggest threats to human existence

The five biggest threats to human existence in Articles

In the daily hubbub of current “crises” facing humanity, we forget about the many generations we hope are yet to come. Not those who will live 200 years from now, but 1,000 or 10,000 years from now. I use the word “hope” because we face risks, called existential risks, that threaten to wipe out humanity. These risks are not just for big disasters, but for the disasters that could end history.

Oct 06, 2014, 18:32:22 pm
Why Is Our Sci-Fi So Glum About A.I.?

Why Is Our Sci-Fi So Glum About A.I.? in Articles

When I was 12, I invented a superhero named Boy Genius, a guy my age who awakens one morning with access to 100 percent of his brain power. This allows him to tap into frightening and exhilarating gifts — telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation. Like most superheroes, Boy Genius is both blessed with and plagued by his abilities. The U.S. government becomes aware of his existence, which means he dodges men in black while also fending off middle-school bullies and tormentors.

My inspiration for Boy Genius was the normal superhero recipe, one part pubescent self-pity, one part junk science fiction. The junk sci-fi, in this case, was borrowed from a movie I had recently watched called “The Lawnmower Man.” (The HBO guide alerted me to expect some “BN,” or “Brief Nudity,” somewhere in its 108-minute run time.) It was reprehensibly silly, the sort of movie that even a 12-year-old awaiting a flash of breasts intuits is insulting to his intelligence. And yet at its witless core was an old question I was encountering for the first time: How would human consciousness contend with a software upgrade?

Oct 02, 2014, 07:20:04 am

Brain in AIML / Pandorabots

Brain is a system to model, create and manage the knowledge base of chatbots based on AIML technology.

It was designed to be an extreme productive tool, hence it is simple and gathers in a smart and harmonious way all the necessary tools for modeling and creating the knowledge base on a single screen. It encourages the creation of as much content as possible, either to contemplate the maximum sentences of chat's users and to increase the robot's ability to give different answers to the same sentence of users.

It was also designed to be an extreme effective tool, hence there is no direct manipulation of AIML's sources. Instead, it was created an interface to a metamodel that is more intuitive and extends some original elements of AIML, which gives the user greater productivity without losing the power of pure AIML.

Sep 22, 2014, 13:22:25 pm
Artificial Intelligence Glossary

Artificial Intelligence Glossary in Other

Many AI terms explained.

Sep 22, 2014, 13:18:16 pm
Savannah AI Virtual Assistant

Savannah AI Virtual Assistant in Chatbots - English

[Android App] Impress your friends and family with quick responses and high accuracy. Savannah does things in the least amount of steps possible, making the app highly efficient. Furthermore, Savannah is the only assistant with built-in web browsing and dynamic short-cuts, making everything right there when you need it.

Sep 16, 2014, 08:11:32 am

SILVIA in Chatbots - English

SILVIA is a new platform designed to let computers, cell phones, toys, and other gadgets carry on realistic conversations with people.

Aug 06, 2008, 18:02:43 pm


To Siri, With Love: How One Boy With Autism Became B.F.F.'s With Apple’s Siri in AI News

To Siri, With Love: How One Boy With Autism Became B.F.F.'s With Apple’s Siri
19 October 2014, 12:03 pm

Just how bad a mother am I? I wondered, as I watched my 13-year-old son deep in conversation with Siri. Gus has autism, and Siri, Apple’s “intelligent personal assistant” on the iPhone, is currently his B.F.F. Obsessed with weather formations, Gus had spent the hour parsing the difference between isolated and scattered thunderstorms — an hour in which, thank God, I didn’t have to discuss them.NY TimesLink.

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Friday Funny in General Chat

A 'friend of a friend' put him in touch with a notorious dark-side,
underworld figure who went by the name of 'Artie.' Artie then explained to
the husband that his going price for snuffing out a spouse was £5,000.

The husband said he was willing to pay that amount, but that he wouldn't
have any cash on hand until he could collect his wife's insurance money.

Artie insisted on being paid at least something up front, so the man opened
his wallet, displaying the single pound coin that rested inside. Artie
sighed, rolled his eyes, & reluctantly agreed to accept the pound as down
payment for the dirty deed.

A few days later, Artie followed the man's wife to the local Tesco store.
There, he surprised her in the produce department and proceeded to strangle
her with his gloved hands and as the poor unsuspecting woman drew her last
breath and slumped to the floor the manager of the produce department
stumbled unexpectedly onto the murder scene. Unwilling to leave any living
witnesses behind, Artie had no choice but to strangle the produce
manager as well.

However, unknown to Artie, the entire proceedings were captured by the
hidden security cameras and observed by the store's security guard, who
immediately called the police.

Artie was caught and arrested before he could even leave the store. Under
intense questioning at the police station, Artie revealed the whole sordid
plan, including his unusual financial arrangements with the hapless husband
who was also quickly arrested.

The next day in the newspaper,

The headline declared............

(You're going to hate me for this)


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3D Avatar Project in General Project Discussion

Here's where I am at with my animated head. I've added blinking and eye movement now. The blinking is automatic and the eyes are currently controlled via a slider. Eventually I will work out some noise routine so that the eyes wander realistically.

I'm not completely happy with the hair. Getting the transparency right for that has been the bugbear so far. I mean the layering is not quite right, but I have one idea to try still.

This is a new voice too - 'Jess' from Cereproc.

Most of the recent work has been 'under the skin', quite literally. As I mentioned before somewhere I am now working with a lower poly model. This has meant I can do much more. There's also a bit of optimisation done to the mesh, so that only the parts that need animating are processed. If it doesn't move then I simply display it, but then forget about it.

Animated head - blinking and eye movement

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Spontaneous Animation - The new Haptek in General Avatar Talk

Kickstarter campaign with Haptek founder Chris Shaw. Thanks to Rob at Zabaware for the heads up.


We are introducing Spontaneous Animation, a new software that makes virtual characters much more personal and intimate than ever before.  

How is Spontaneous Animation different?

Standard interactive characters simulate a reaction to you, by selecting from prefabricated animations stored in computer memory.  These prefab responses are based on a programmer's best guess as to what you might do.

Spontaneous Animation characters actually react, by watching you, listening to you, and then instantaneously creating a unique reaction, based on your unique behavior.
Spontaneous Animation replaces inflexible, prefabricated response facsimiles, with infinitely variable, real responses to you alone.  

This increased intimacy adds drama and compassion to interactive characters.  What's more -- by eliminating the need to store and recall complex animation files -- Spontaneous Animation is much faster and more efficient than traditional interactive animation.


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Robots Podcast #167: Engaging girls in robotics in Robotics News

Robots Podcast #167: Engaging girls in robotics
19 October 2014, 2:38 pm


In episode #167 AJung Moon brings together three interviews relating to promoting the involvement of girls and women in robotics, and STEM generally. In the first interview, Hannah and Rachel Tipperman, a pair of seventeen year olds who are cofounders of Robot Springboard and its offshoot BrightStart Robotics, tell how they became involved in robotics and how they've gone on to make similar experiences available to others. Then, Ross Mead, a Ph.D student in computer science at USC shares his enthusiasm for engaging underrepresented populations in robotics, and how he became involved in this effort. Finally, Prof. Elizabeth Croft, founder of Westcoast Women in Engineering, Science, and Technology (WWEST) shares from her abundant experience as an engineer, an educator, and a professional leader.Read On | Tune In


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3D Facial Rig Manager for Maya & 3ds Max in Graphics and Video Software

Very nice if you can afford it  ;)

3D Facial Rig Manager for Maya & 3ds Max by Snappers Systems - Character Rigging Demo Reel

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Very realistic and vocal character model in General Software Talk

So very realistic that one almost feels compassion for her.

Lydia animation test

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What is the mysterious Magic Leap? in AI News

What is the mysterious Magic Leap?
17 October 2014, 12:00 am

-- It may have more than a half-billion dollars in the bank and the backing of tech titans like Google, as well as the investors with some of Silicon Valley's deepest pockets. You've probably never heard of Magic Leap, a startup so secretive they're not even telling the public who is on their team. CNN TechnologyLink.

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The Snowman by Raymond Briggs in Video

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lovefool by The Cardigans (Remake) in Video

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