My Psychiatrist is a Robot !

My Psychiatrist is a Robot ! in Articles

I have been experimenting with the development of a therapy bot in collaboration with computer scientist and three-time Loebner Prize winner Dr. Richard Wallace. The Loebner Prize in Artificial Intelligence is an award for the most human-like computer.

Mar 02, 2015, 16:00:33 pm
How To Create Your Own Customised Chatbot For Beginners - Chatbots 101

How To Create Your Own Customised Chatbot For Beginners - Chatbots 101 in Articles

With the recent increase in the popularity of chatbots (due, in large part, to the recent 2011 Chatterbox Challenge), I’ve seen a lot of requests in various places, asking about how someone could create their own chatbot, with many of these questions coming from individuals who have no prior experience or knowledge.

Mar 02, 2015, 15:55:20 pm

Syn in Chatbots - English

Syn Virtual Assistant or SVA is a 3D Virtual Assistant Platform. SVA has been developed using our Syn Engine a Functional Natural Language Processing Engine. SVA comes with a Platform Independent Graphic Engine.

Feb 18, 2015, 17:20:52 pm
Words API

Words API in Tools

WordsAPI is an API to retrieve information about English words. You can use it to get definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and a hierarchical way of viewing words. Most of the data for definitions, synonyms, and word details from WordsAPI comes from the Princeton WordNet. Syllable count and pronunciation comes from the Moby Project.

Feb 06, 2015, 17:24:43 pm
Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron in Robots in Movies

Marvel Studios presents “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” the epic follow-up to the biggest Super Hero movie of all time. When Tony Stark tries to jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program, things go awry and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye, are put to the ultimate test as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance. As the villainous Ultron emerges, it is up to the Avengers to stop him from enacting his terrible plans, and soon uneasy alliances and unexpected action pave the way for an epic and unique global adventure.

Jan 31, 2015, 14:08:31 pm

Chappie in Robots in Movies

Chappie is an upcoming American science fiction film directed by Neill Blomkamp. The screenplay, written by Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell, is based on Blomkamp's 2004 short film Tetra Vaal. The film stars Sharlto Copley, Hugh Jackman, Dev Patel, Sigourney Weaver, and South African rap group Die Antwoord. The film is set to be released on March 6, 2015.

Chappie, an experimental robot built and designed to learn and feel, must fight back against forces planning to take him down.

Jan 27, 2015, 15:40:12 pm
Creating a chatterbot (Part 1)

Creating a chatterbot (Part 1) in Articles

Ever since the first time I heard about the Turing Test I’ve wanted to make my own chatbot. It started probably twenty plus years ago, when the only language I could program in was QBASIC. At that time I never got further than:

> Hi computer!
> Hello.

…. and now? ….

Jan 20, 2015, 16:15:29 pm
Ex Machina

Ex Machina in Robots in Movies

From acclaimed writer/director Alex Garland (28 Days Later, Sunshine) comes EX MACHINA, a chilling vision of the not-too-distant future of artificial intelligence.

In the mountain retreat of a gifted internet billionaire, a young man takes part in a strange experiment: testing an artificial intelligence, housed in the body of a beautiful robot girl. But the experiment twists into a dark psychological battle, where loyalties are torn between man and machine.

Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac and Alicia Vikander lead the cast of Ex Machina, an intense psychological thriller, played out in a love triangle. The film explores big ideas about the nature of consciousness, emotion, sexuality, truth and lies.

Jan 15, 2015, 11:12:49 am

Virsonality in Chatbots - English

Are you ready for the latest mobile chat phenomenon, where whole communities virtually compete to interact with you?

How does it work? A layer of processing underneath each Virsonality uses human-powered intelligence to select the best answer from the crowd of users. You’ll then see that response, and be able to keep interacting with the crowd through your Virsonality. Each Virsonality behaves differently based on their likes, dislikes, and personality traits.

Jan 10, 2015, 09:45:26 am
Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: The Next Generation in Robots on TV

[Ep: Emergence] The Enterprise shows signs it is developing an artificial intelligence.

Jul 24, 2009, 14:07:49 pm


Robots through the ages... in General Robotics Talk

I was going to list them all but soon realized that the listing would exceed our sites 20,000 word posting limit.
With that, I'm simply going to point to a Wikipedia link that lists them all for your own review:

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Introducing Spot in Robotics News

Here's a new video from Boston Dynamics sent to me by a friend. Check out the way it regains it's balance when kicked.

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Post Count Groups in Welcome to AI Dreams forum.

As you make posts your post count will increase. We have a table which I have attached below that shows you the title you will earn as you progress.

Just a bit of fun  :)

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The War has begun! in General Chat

This is by far the best imagery that most realistically points out the dangers of artificial intelligence and advanced robotics.

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J.A.R.V.I.S. in General Project Discussion

Just a rather very intelligent system

This project aims at creating a program advanced enough to compete with it's fictional counterpart from the Iron Man franchise. Please note that this program is not expected to grow into an Artificial Intelligence (according to my definition of the term) however most people will likely consider it as such.

Currently the program has entered the second phase where the focus is on improving the original code and concepts. So far it can only reply to a small set of precisely written sentences due to it's small 'vocabulary' (database) and also behaves like a grammar Nazi.

The program is designed to make use of three different databases:

  • AwDB - contains a list of words with their corresponding 'types'. This one is used to identify the 'meaning' of the words found in the input string;
  • BwDB - contains the same items (words) as AwDB, however structured like a nest in a reverse order. This one is used to find the appropriate words when preparing the output (feedback);
  • pDB - an ever-growing table containing all the sentence patterns the program has encountered so far. It is updated with new ones automatically. It is used to find matching reply patterns which are later filled with the help of BwDB.
The most basic pseudo-description of the loop sequence would look something like this:
  • Read input (inString);
  • Extract words to string array;
  • Find each word in AwDB and extract type field;
  • Return string (inPat, pattern) with ordered types (noun, verb, noun, adj);
  • Find pattern string (inPat) in pDB and return output pattern(outPat);
  • Use BwDB to replace the 'types' in outPat with appropriate words and for output string (outString);
Note that this is the original idea and design of the program's main loop. It has been subject to many changes and has since complicated and grown radically.

The hard part is that it is not a question of whether or not the program will work, yet will it be truly intelligent in the way it was meant to be? This means that each bug finding will not be as easy as reading compiler error messages and may in fact take some time.

What is the goal?
The current goal is to prove some concepts of functionality and create a program much like Marvel Studio's character (program) which can control hardware by recognizing auditory commands and replying with such. It is also supposed to provide an accurate chatbot platform however with the goal of answering with accurate data (computer status, house etc.). So the aim is not to seem human yet to be a grammatically correct chatter and assistant with the ability to learn how to reply to (at a given time in the past) unknown sentences and forms.

Download latest setup (0.1A):

Download source (0.2):

Stay tuned!

P.S. Please share your opinion about Jarvis here:

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Sandra Cross - Baby Im Yours in Video

<a href="" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win"></a>

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Moves to automate identification of Saimaa ringed seals in AI News

Moves to automate identification of Saimaa ringed seals
6 March 2015, 12:37 pm

Moves are being made to automate the identification of Saimaa ringed seals. This would bring new kinds of real-time information on how the extremely endangered species behaves, the movements of individual seals, and what happens to them. The final aim of an ongoing study on machine vision is to get a biometric passport for each individual Saimaa ringed seal. This happens on the basis of the unique fur patterns of each individual seal, using computer-based smart calculation and digital image processing. The aim is to store the information in a so-called Saimaa ringed seal database.

Source: Artificial Intelligence News -- ScienceDaily

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Security in a smart world in Robotics News

Security in a smart world
5 March 2015, 1:11 pm

More stable power grids and quicker accident care: When used properly, digital data may be of high benefit. However, electronic processing also facilitates data abuse. For this reason, scientists have developed holistic approaches to enhancing intrinsic security.

Source: Robotics Research News -- ScienceDaily

Started March 06, 2015, 05:00:30 PM

ranch vermin

computer eye cortex stuff with a corner tracker some half implementations in AI Programming

(going for 3d now! :))

(latest viddie)

<a href="" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win"></a>

It all started 1.6 years ago, when I wrote a grouping system, that shares shapes between whole entities->
pixel grouper->
<a href="" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win"></a>

and I progressed along and made another one.

grouper (like a restricted boltzmann machine) ->
<a href="" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win"></a>

then my best one of all time doing full colour and multiple levels grouping huge areas together->
<a href="" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win"></a>

The idea is, you share measurements between things in an object oriented hierarchy, with a single unified beginning (or end if you like) of an 'object',  a measurement could be pixel intesity, or adjacency information.   and everything shares with everything, these measurements,  the more measurements you share, the less cells (or 'classes' if you think about it object oriented) you need, and the smarter it is...  The real version does it off depth maps, and measures the viewspace distance between the pixels in the depth map.

These measurements are relative and invarient to spin, scaling and translation, and maybe even more when you go to 3d.    So you dont know exact positions of things, you just know distances between things... and youll come up with the class, and where it is as a VARIABLE.  not a solidly stored thing.

You spacially segment and track temporal conglomerations, using entropy, doing 2d is ALOT easier than 3d, but 3d is the best one,  you essentially are going to get video games out of ordinary video off youtube, for example.

Its animation is very similar to a markov chain chat bot,  so it doesnt make a hell lot of sense, but retains continuity.  you must pick only 1 symbol at a time,  because thats how chat bots work, and you want to make sure it works, so you be a little careful and only pick one action for a single class at a time.

You must fire through the same pipes for as many times as there is the same class in view,  that is the multiinstancability. (oo paradigm)

When i attempted to add the depth map, to record relative pixel distances, ill need one of these to track camera movement and produce maps best i can.
3d corner tracker->  
<a href="" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win"></a>

And thats where im ended.  

Ive been programming since I was a kid, I learnt win32 when i was 19, made games ever since then but then  I started AI when i was 32,  and its been 2 years... and this is where im at.

I want to totally automate video game production, off ordinary video.  (my magnum opus.) XD but everyone should have their big important achievement,  cause if you dont think somethings important, then you disintrigrate and become sad.


* i need camera movement and depth map.

* the traits reconstruct the image, as well as classify it, they are topological distances. (2d or 3d its the same.)  so its kinda like a worldspace model.
  youve got a deapth map pixel truncation problem, its kinda antialiased how you make these traits.
  temporal traits will reconstruct movement, as well as classify movement.

* the topological information, will spread out the initial counts of things, you should be able to have overlapped classes, if it makes sense.

* sharing traits, will hit local optimas, so youll never get maximum compression, but the more you compress, the better off you are, intelligence&store saving, makes an inefficient thing a little more efficient.

* you can supply some segmentation help, from some instant algorythm, but entropy should do your conglomeration&separation temporally and
  spacially... although projected 3d visuals makes it more of a challenge for the algorythm... its a much tighter threshold.

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children's stories - The Adventures Thistle in Video

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With an extensive feudal castle lay a beautiful garden, well kept, with trees and rare flowers. People who came to visit the owner expressed their admiration for these shrubs brought from distant countries for these beds arranged with such art; and one can easily see that these were not compliments from them simple polite phrases. People all around, residents of towns and villages came on Sunday to ask permission to walk in the beautiful alleys. When the students behaved well, we took them there to reward them for their wisdom. All against the garden, but outside, at the foot of the fence hedge, there was a large and vigorous thistle; its perennial root pushing branches on all sides, it formed itself as a bush. But nobody was any attention, except the old donkey dragging the small car in milk.

Often the attached dairy not far away, and the beast stretched his long neck toward the thistle, saying: "That you're so beautiful ... You are super!!" But the halter was too short, and the donkey was for its tender glances and sescompliments. One day a large party was held at the castle. These are all quality people, most arriving in the capital. There is among them a lot of pretty girls. One of them, the prettiest of all, comes from far away. Originally from Scotland, she is of noble birth and has vast areas of great wealth. It is a rich party: "What a joy to have him engaged!" Say the boys and their mothers say the same. This youth romping on the lawns, playing ball and other games. Then we walk amid the flowerbeds, and as is usual in the North, each girl picks a flower and attaches it to the buttonhole of a young gentlemen. Foreign takes a long time to choose the flower; none appears to be to his liking. Behold his eyes fall on the hedge, behind which stands the thistle bush with big red and blue flowers. She smiles and asks the son of the house to go pick him: "It is the flower of my country, she said, she is in the arms of Scotland; give it to me, please. "The young man hurries to pick the most beautiful, it did not sting without strong thorns. The young Scot puts him in his buttonhole that vulgar flower, and he is singularly flattered. All other young people would have gladly traded their rare flowers against that offered by the hand of the stranger. If the son of the house bridled, what was it thistle? He did not feel more comfortable; he felt a satisfaction, well-being, as when after a good dew, the sun had warmed it. "I am something much more extraordinary than I did the air, he believed in him -even. I had always suspected. To say, I should be in the hedge and not outside.

But in this world, we do not always find it placed in its proper place. Here at least one of my daughters who crossed the fence and even strutting on the lapel of a handsome cavalier. "

He related this event to all shoots that developed on its fertile trunk, all the buttons that arose on its branches. Few days passed when he learned, not by the words of passers-by, not by the chirping of birds, but the thousand echoes when leaving the windows open, spreading all that is said in the interior apartments, he learned, we say that the young man who had been awarded the thistle by the beautiful Scottish had also obtained his heart and hand. "

It was I who united them, it was me who made this wedding! "Cried the thistle, and more than ever, he told the memorable event for all new flowers whose branches were covered."

Certainly, he said again, we will be transplanted in the garden, I've earned it. Perhaps will I put it carefully in a pot where my roots are tightened in good manure. It seems that this is the highest honor that the plants can receive. The next day he was so convinced that the marks of distinction would rain upon him, than any of his flowers, he promised that soon we would put them all in an earthenware pot, and as for her, she may adorn buttonhole elegant, which was the most rare fortune that thistle could dream of.

These high hopes were not realized in any way; crock point or clay; no buttonhole flowers do more at the expense of the bush. Flowers continued to breathe the air and light, drinking the sunlight during the day and the night dew; they flourished and received the visit of bees and hornets that hid them their juice. "Thieves, thieves! exclaimed the indignant thistle, why can not I run you through my darts! How dare you steal their fragrance to the flowers that are intended to decorate the buttonhole suitors! "What he might say, there was no change in his situation. The flowers look eventually leave their little heads. They grew pale, withered; but always pushing new: each that was born, the father said with an unalterable confidence: "You come as tide in Lent impossible to hatch more timely. I expect every minute when we move to the other side of the hedge. "A few innocent daisies, a long, thin plantain growing in the neighborhood, heard these words, and there naively believed. They conceived in a deep admiration for the thistle, which, in turn, regarded them with complete disregard. The old donkey, somewhat skeptical by nature, was not so sure what proclaimed with such assurance thistle. However, to deal with any eventuality, he made further efforts to catch the dear thistle before he was transported to inaccessible places.

In vain he tugged on the halter; it was too short and could not break it. By dint of thinking of the glorious thistle contained in the Arms of Scotland, Thistle our persuaded himself that it was one of his ancestors; he descended from the illustrious family was descended from some offspring came from Scotland in ancient times. These were elevated thoughts, but great ideas went well wide thistle that was, and which formed a bush itself. Her neighbor, nettle, approved of strong ... "Very often, she says, it is of high birth without knowing it; it shows every day. Look, I, I'm sure of not being a vulgar plant. Is it not I who supplied the finest muslin, one whose queens dress is? "The summer is going on, and then fall.

The leaves fall. The flowers are darker shades and have less flavor. The gardener, collecting the dried stems, sing loudly: Upstream, downstream! Up, down! This is where the whole course of life! Young fir wood starting to think about Christmas, that beautiful day when we decorate the ribbons, candy and small candles. They aspire to this brilliant destiny, though it should cost them life. "How, I'm still here! said the thistle, and now eight days since the wedding was celebrated! Yet it is I who brought this marriage, and no one seems to think of me any more than if I did not exist. It leaves me to green. I am too proud to take a step toward the unthankful, and moreover, would I want, I can not move. I have nothing better to do than to wait again. "

A few weeks passed. Thistle stood there with his last single flower; she was fat and full, it would have almost said a flower artichoke; she had pushed close to the root, it was a sturdy flower. The cold wind blew on it; bright colors disappeared; it became like a silver sun. One day the young couple, now husband and wife came strolling in the garden. They arrived near the hedge, and the beautiful Scottish looked across the fields, "Hey! she said, still is the great thistle, but it has more flowers!

-But If, that is another, or at least its spectrum, the young man said, pointing to the dried and bleached chalice.

-Tiens, She is very pretty as that! said the young lady. We need it take for us again on the part of our picture of us both. "

The young man had again crossed the fence and pick the faded flower. She pricked the right way: did he not called a spectrum? But it would not him, his young wife was happy.

She brought the flower in the living room. And there was a picture of the young couple, the husband was painted a thistle flower in his buttonhole. There was much talk of the flower and the other the last, which shone like money and we had to chop the frame. The air carried off everything we say "What is that life, said the thistle. My oldest daughter has found room for a buttonhole, and my last shoot was on a gold frame. And me, where will they put me, "The donkey was tethered near: he squinted into the thistle," If you want to be very, very well, protected from the cold, come into my stomach my jewel. Approach; I can not reach you, this cursed halter is not long enough. "The thistle did not respond to these gross advances. He became increasingly pensive, and by dint of tossing and turning his thoughts, he leads towards Christmas, this conclusion was well above his lowly "As long as my kids are right there where they are, he says; me, their father, I resign myself to stay out of the hedge, in this place where I was born.

-What Makes you think there you honor, said last ray of sunshine. Also you will be rewarded.

-Me Do you put in a pot or in a frame? asked the thistle.

-We Will put you in a fairy tale, "had the time to answer the radius before disappearing.



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